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Rev. Dr. Daniel Muinde

The Principal UBC

Welcome To Ukamba Bible College

As an institution, we beleive in the matters of discipline. We all know that it is through discipline that we develop spiritually , involved in this discipline, besides the bibilical principles, there are school regulations which are necesary for all of us to observe. You will notice that rules and regulations are for teaching, protection and correction, as we desire to live just as Christ taught us to live.

Rules help in bringing our emotions, attitudes, understanding, self control as well as our service to the Lord in proper perspectives. We consider the administration of discipline, therefore, extremely important in the training of workers for Christian services.

We also consider the reputation of UBC to the community around us. We therefore cannot allow anyone belonging to UBC family to live a careless life. We insist that all should live above reproach for the glory of God (Col 3:17)